You got me this time, GrandWest Casino. But I’m watching you :)

This weekend, after spotting one of their billboards featuring seemingly dubious grammar, I revisited a year-old conversation with GrandWest Casino to take them to task for their poor use of the basic building blocks of English.

This is the billboard:

Given their remarkably quick response to the Missing Apostrophe Fiasco, I expected to hear back from them with an explanation of what had gone wrong this time.

Two days later and they’ve just responded. Again they’ve impressed me with the time they’ve taken to respond to my little grammar grumbles. But unlike the last time, I’m the one left with the rosy cheeks. Because this time, I was wrong. And here’s why:

So that’s that. I was wrong. This time. You’ve evened the score GrandWest but that doesn’t mean I’m not still watching you. And those absconding apostrophes 😉