June 2013

New Liquorice Allsorts Dotties

Spotted these at the shop tonight and am chuffed that Beacon decided to dedicate a whole packet to these little guys. They don’t have a name just yet, and Beacon is running a FB competition to crowdsource a name. I thought Dotties could do the trick.


Finally, a glimpse at Jobs, the movie

Yes, it’s Ashton, but if we can move past him filling the title role, the movie is going to be a fascinating journey into the mind of Steve Jobs, a man who played a part in changing computing forever. No matter what you think of his methods, at the very least, he turned beige boxes into beautiful and delightful experiences.

It’ll be interesting to see how Steve’s rise is portrayed in Jobs compared to the 1999 Apple/Microsoft epic Pirates of Silicon Valley, in which Noah Wyle pulled off an amazing portrayal of the tech visionary.

Jobs official trailer:

Opportunistic advertising outside Nando’s drive thru in Milnerton

As you arrive at the pick-up window at the Nando’s drive thru in Milnerton, you wait staring at a wall, which until now has been blank. A pub across the road has come up with a brilliant piece of advertising, using this exact space to communicate their brand in a clever and relevant way.


And here’s London Town Pub just across the road from the drive thru: