Simply brilliant: Sony’s new binoculars record what you see, as you see it

Such a simple idea, and so effective for sports or wildlife photography. While Sony’s new DEV-50V binoculars may lack all the manual settings required by serious photographers, what they lack in custom controls they make up for in sheer portability and capture-the-moment-ness. I wouldn’t for a second consider replacing my Canon setup with a pair of these, but if I’m going to go out with binoculars as well, I’d rather have something capable of recording what I see than not! I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen the perfect bird shot but missed it before raising my lens to find it, focus on it, and then only press the shutter button.

The binoculars aren’t short on quality either. They shoot full HD video and take 20.4 megapixel photos, along with autofocus, image stabilisation and flexible zoom. They’re expected to sell for around $2 000 – which makes them a very expensive new toy to add to your camera bag, but most likely worth every cent for the extra dimension they’ll add to your photography.