January 2011

Soli Philander starts online radio station called The Taxi


After Soli Philander’s unceremonious departure from Cape Talk (his full rhyming explanation is here), he popped up three weeks ago with a brand new slot – this time on his very own radio station called The Taxi. This was the name of his old afternoon show on Cape Talk but the concept of the station is anything but old. It’s all online. A bold move in the competitive radio space and one that deserves some support. 

Listen to the show/station at www.thetaxi.co.za

Sleeping around is sleeping around

Floyd Shivambu (ANC Youth League spokesperson) announced that Helen Zille (leader of the DA & premier of the Western Cape) had been sleeping around, and that meant that she’s been sleeping around, because sleeping around is sleeping around. It doesn’t involve sex. Or it might. Then again it may not. 702 DJ Redi Direko (now Redi Tlhabi) tried to find out more from Floyd, and this is what happened.

Auto and General’s ‘Dear Madiba’ banner ad


Not sure what to make of this. On the face of it, we have a corporate company in South Africa extending good wishes to someone who is a hero in our society. But they paid for this banner to run on the sites it appears on. And they included their ‘extended’ logo here with a business description to gain some kind of commercial benefit from their non-commercial message. Yet, to their credit, the banner isn’t clickable.

So it’s nothing more than a get well soon card in banner form, with a logo, including a description of their business.

Smart? Tacky? Altruistic? You decide.

Worldometers – see the world tick by in real time


Have a look at worldometers.info to see the world whizzing by in real time, with all its little ups and downs. From births and deaths to the number of TV sets and mobile phones sold today (just shows you where the world’s going). You’ll see water, energy, health and environmental stats too.

There’s something quite sobering about seeing a number tick over that’s labelled ‘people who died of hunger today’.